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This one's called Two Trains Running...Continued. More Self Portraits, More Cityscapes. These are all circa 2016 through early September 2018, just a few weeks ago! 

But then this show is really also about where I do most of my painting. I sit or stand way up in this corner window in a building on Ft. Washington Avenue. There's an amazing array of streets and avenues, parkland and buildings, and sky way out to the east and southeast.

Most mornings I just get up out of bed and go to the easel. Somehow over the past several years I continue to find new details to look closer at; a hill I never quite saw before, the vertigo feel of looking straight down on Bennett Avenue, the lush woods in early spring, 

Then you will notice that there is an oval mirror hanging from the center of the easel. Every now and then I will get caught up in a self portrait. They're usually defiant and seemingly unsolvable. And then one day something happens and I can see that the painting is nearly done. Here are some I'm showing this time.

Bowery Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11am - 6pm , address: 530 West 25th Street 4th Floor. Opening reception Thursday October 4, 5 - 8.